ArbeitsSicherheit Schweiz 05 – 06.June 2024

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What to expect at ArbeitsSicherheit Schweiz?

An extensive lecture program complements the exhibitor booth presentations at Work Safety Switzerland. In 30- to 45-minute lecture units, experts and professional practitioners discuss various topics from the fields of work safety and health protection.

The Content Stages are integrated into the fair as open communication and lecture spaces. Here, you can pick up new approaches, ideas, and solutions that you need in your daily work. Get an overview of new products and services and learn more about the latest industry trends.

The visit to the Content Stages is included in the admission price.

SGAS: Recognized Continuing Education Measure SGAS

The fair is recognized by the SGAS – Swiss Society for Work Safety – as a continuing education measure.

For a fair tour, the SGAS awards one point. Visitors receive additional points if they have listened to lectures and/or participated in the safety course.

How do SGAS members receive the points?

During the two fair days, SGAS members can pick up a running card at the fair office. On this, they tick off which lectures they have listened to. The running card is stamped by the fair organizer and can then be uploaded here by the SGAS member.

“Tangible, Measurable, and Experiencable Work Safety and Health Protection”

Our safety course creates a special added value for visitors – even virtually!
Experience the topics of work safety and health protection interactively.

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