Speakers 2024

Meet an impressive selection of industry experts and thought leaders. Our list of speakers combines expertise, experience, and passion. Each of them brings unique insights and know-how to make the event an unforgettable learning experience. Browse the page and learn more about the inspiring individuals who will be taking our stage.

Stefan Ganzke See more

Stefan Ganzke

Geschäftsführer und Sicherheitskultur-Experte WandelWerker Consulting GmbH

Prof. Dr. Christoph Bördlein See more

Prof. Dr. Christoph Bördlein

Mag. Veronika Jakl See more

Mag. Veronika Jakl

Jakl GmbH

Dr. Renate Mayer See more

Dr. Renate Mayer

Trainerin/Didaktikerin dasNetz

Benjamin Lange See more

Benjamin Lange

Trainer dasNetz

Friedrich Schneider See more

Friedrich Schneider

Geschäftsführer Institut für interkulturelles Gesundheitsmanagement e.V. Institut IGM

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